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$250 monthly/1 year minimum -- billed monthly

  • Easy convenient online scheduling system -- pick the time of your choice 

  • Includes hole patching and painting portions of interior walls

  • Trim touch-ups and interior door

  • Hanging art, lights, etc. -- in conjunction with painting/patching work*

  • Materials costs up to $50 included* 

  • Power washing home and other exterior structures including decking and fencing

  • 10% Discount on larger projects (whole rooms, exterior painting, etc.)

Monthly Subscription (Billed Monthly)

SKU: 364215376135191
Price Options
Monthly Subscription
Billed Monthly
$250.00every month for 12 months
  • This is a subscription service with 5 hours monthly maximum.  FDZ may accommodate increased monthly hours if subscriber has not accessed services for two or more months.  

  • This is a non-refundable monthly subscription service with a one-year term. 

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